Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Separating from a spouse or partner is difficult. Even though most people recognize that nearly half of all spousal relationships will end prematurely, it can be a big surprise when it happens in our own relationship.

Whether the separation is your choice or not, the grief you feel can be overwhelming. You may experience feelings of loss, anger, sadness and resentment. You might also need to deal with how everyone else reacts to the separation – your partner, the children, your parents, friends and acquaintances.

It’s when you’re feeling most vulnerable, a time of high emotional turmoil, that you find yourself having to deal with some incredibly difficult issues:

• how will we tell the children?

• what will the parenting arrangement be?

• where will I live?

• how will we divide the property and debt?

• how can we avoid a long and expensive court process?

In the end, everyone is left feeling damaged from the stress of uncertainty and the arguments that ensue as parties try to settle even the most mundane issues. Your goal should be to minimize the amount of time spent ‘breaking up’ which will ultimately reduce the amount of destruction that befalls both spouses.

The good news is that you take steps reduce the chances that your separation and divorce will turn into a prolonged family law proceeding. There’s no such thing as a fun separation, but there are separations where both sides keep their dignity intact and move on positively to the next phase of their lives.

Whether you chose mediation or litigation, let us guide you through the separation process. We will highlight the important things you need to consider as make key decisions, and we will give you the steps to take as you navigate this transitional period in your life.