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Our Business Lawyers work closely with Owners and Operators to understand their unique operation, and provide custom-tailored contracts, agreements, corporate governance and dispute resolution services that properly address the needs of the company, no matter how large or small. Let us assist with:

Contracts and Agreements

We Help With

Business purchase / sale agreement
Lease agreement
Strata agreement and waivers
Contractor agreement
Employment contract
Shareholders’ agreement
Review contracts prepared by Third Parties
Commercial compliance review
Confidentiality and non-competition agreements
Intellectual property agreements

Business Disputes

We Help With

Corporate or business litigation
Contract / Agreement enforcement
Partner disagreements
Dissatisfied shareholder
Corporate director personal liability
Disputes over commercial transactions Liens
Breach of contract
Commercial collections
Loan defaults
Debtor litigation
Judgment collection
Professional liability

Patents and Trademarks

We Help With

“Patentability” of a product
File your patent or trademark
Non-disclosure agreement
Partnership agreement
Litigation over infringement

Corporate and Commercial

We Help With

Incorporations and Business Formation
Shareholder, Partnerships and joint venture agreements
Contractual Negotiations with Third Parties
Development of Codes of Conduct
Industry Agreements
Marketing and Advertising
Employment contracts and policies

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