Keep your business running smoothly


從具有法律約束力和可執行性的合同和協議開始。 這些將保護您的商業利益,與員工、承包商和
客戶建立明確的期望。 重要合同和協議的一些示例包括僱傭協議、保密協議 (NDA)、責任豁免等
。 與律師合作可確保在發生爭議時這些文件為您提供保護。
保護您的知識產權也是明智的。 如果您開發了獨特的產品或服務,您將需要註冊商標、版權或專
利。 您可以採取一些措施來防止他人在未經您許可的情況下使用您的知識產權。 知識產權是您企


Operating your own business can be a rewarding experience, but there are key considerations that will 
keep your business running smoothly.
Start with legally binding and enforceable Contracts and Agreements. These will protect your business interests, and establish clear expectations with employees, contractors, and clients. Some examples of important Contracts and Agreements include Employment Agreement, Non-disclosure Agreements
(NDA), Liability Waivers, and more. Working with a lawyer ensures that these documents will protect you when a dispute arises.
It is also wise to protect your Intellectual Property. If you have developed a unique product or service, you will want to register a Trademark, Copyright, or Patent. There are steps you can take to prevent others from using your Intellectual Property, without your permission. Intellectual Property is a valuable asset for your business and must be protected.