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Civil Litigation

With The Deer Lake Law Group

Despite the nature of a relationship, the possibility of a dispute arising is inevitable. These disputes can have a significant impact on the livelihood or profitability of any individual or business. 

At Deer Lake Law Group, we believe that when such disputes arise, preparation is the key to an effective outcome. We understand the importance of avoiding potentially costly and time-consuming litigation and we take a client-focused approach to resolving matters for our clients through alternative dispute resolutions methods before commencing litigation.


Civil Litigation

We Help With

Injunctions and Ex Parte Motions
Contractual Disputes
Professional Negligence
Real Estate Dispute
Insurance Disputes
Estate Litigation
Property Disputes
Appeals and Judicial Reviews
Construction and Lien Disputes
Small Claims

Why Choose Us?

In cases where litigation is inevitable, our team of civil litigation lawyers work with our clients to resolve matters in an efficient and cost-effective manner while taking great care to preserve any familial or business relationships that are involved in the dispute. 

Whether you need help dealing with a claim against a family member or defending yourself in a contractual dispute, we are confident our clients will benefit from our practical experience and in-depth knowledge acquired from arguing cases before all levels of the Canadian Court system and appearing before various administrative bodies and tribunals.

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