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Civil disputes can have a significant impact on your livelihood, your assets or your future. A Civil Lawyer can suggest ways to protect yourself from potential future claims and limit your liability.  By working closely with you to understand your specific goals, our client-focused Civil Lawyers will develop appropriate strategy

If you are already dealing with a civil court claim or legal action, you know how  expensive and extremely stressful this can be. At stake could be large sums of money and long-term consequences for you and others. This is when you need to rely on lawyers who will protect your best interests in any lawsuit and help you avoid potential liability in the future.

Our civil litigation lawyers are experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and arbitration – which are great tools for obtaining timely and cost-effective solutions.

We represent clients dealing with all aspects of civil litigation matters, including Small Claims, Supreme Court, Administrative Tribunals, Injunctions and Ex Parte Motions, and Judicial Reviews and will litigate aggressively issues pertaining to business contract enforcement, commercial collections, commercial patents, employment, defamation, insurance, injury, construction disputes and liens, disputes over municipality bylaws or city ordinance, strata issues, property damage / real estate claims, and professional negligence and malpractice.

Our clients obtain the legal guidance they need to ‘make it right’ and receive fair compensation or settlement. You can rest assured that our civil litigation lawyers care about your well-being, your property and business, and your future endeavours.

Why Choose Us As Your
Civil Lawyer?

In cases where litigation is inevitable, our team of civil litigation lawyers work with our clients to resolve matters in an efficient and cost-effective manner while taking great care to preserve any familial or business relationships that are involved in the dispute. 

Whether you need help dealing with a claim against a family member or defending yourself in a contractual dispute, we are confident our clients will benefit from our practical experience and in-depth knowledge acquired from arguing cases before all levels of the Canadian Court system and appearing before various administrative bodies and tribunals.

Deer Lake Law Group – Burnaby Law Firm With a team of Burnaby Lawyers. We Want to make your Legal Matter less stressful for you! We are committed to helping you understand the legal processes in BC. A Deer Lake Law Group Burnaby Lawyer can answer general questions about the Canadian Legal Process. As a full-service Law Office Located near Deer Lake and Metrotown, we can help you with Civil Law Lawyer Services, Forfeiture, Litigation, Lawsuits, Injunctions and Ex Parte Motions, Contractual Disputes, Professional Negligence, Real Estate Dispute, Defamation, Insurance Disputes, Estate Litigation, Property Disputes, Collections, Employment, Appeals and Judicial Reviews, Construction and Lien Disputes, and Small Claims

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