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Should You Have a Pre-Nup?

Many couples sign Agreements in contemplation of moving together or getting married. This is a great way avoid expensive ‘surprises’ if the relationship ends prematurely. Pre-Nuptial / Pre-Marital Agreements or Co-Habitation Agreements can reduce the conflict if a dispute arises over family property and support when the marriage or marriage-like living arrangement is over.

Whether you decide to sign a Pre-Nup or Co-Hab Agreement is entirely up to you, but it is highly recommended that both parties talk to a Family Lawyer for Independent Legal Advice before signing any Agreement.

Marriage Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements have become much more common in recent times, however, it may not be in your interest to sign one. To understand the implications and unintended consequences of entering into such an arrangement with your spouse, read “Fourteen Reason Why Not to Sign” and then decide if this type of Agreement is right for you.

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