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You work hard to earn a living but sometimes, there are factors in the workplace that affect your ability to ensure a safe and secure work environment. From time to time, small companies, large organizations, and their employees run into unexpected legal issues that create immense day-to-day distractions.


We Help With

Employment standards contracts
Labour code standards
Waivers and limitations
Workplace discrimination / harassment
Employment equity
Aboriginal employment law
Unpaid wages / benefits
Pensions, benefits and incentives
Wrongful termination
Occupational health and safety
Workplace Injury (WCB and WCAT)
Directors and Labour Relations management employment issues
Employment Insurance / CPP disability
Provincial disability


We Help With

Employment Branch of British Columbia
Canada Labour Board
Human Rights Tribunal
Workers’ Compensation Board and Appeals (WCB / WCAT)

Deer Lake Law Group, Burnaby Law Firm & Business Law Office Corporate Lawyers. We Want to make your Legal Matter less stressful for you! We are committed to helping you understand the legal processes in BC. Our Employment Law, Employment Lawyers & Labour Law Lawyers can help with Workplace Discrimination, Wrongfully Dismissed, and ensure a safe and secure work environment. A Deer Lake Law Group Burnaby Employment Lawyer can answer general questions about employment law, labour law and the Canadian Legal Process. As a full-service Law Office Located near Deer Lake and Metrotown, our Employment Lawyers can help you with Employment Law, Labour Law, Constructive Dismissal, Workplace Discrimination, Labour Standards, Canadian Employment Laws, Wrongfully Dismissed, Wrongful Termination, Age Discrimination, Employment Attorney, working time regulations, Wrongful Termination Lawyer, Discrimination Lawyer, Employment Discrimination, wrongful termination lawyers, and Unlawful Termination

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