How to Immigrate to Canada from Mexico

So, you are considering moving to Canada? Well, it’s hardly a surprising decision, after all, the US News and World Report Recently declared Canada to be the #1 overall country in the world to reside in, also ranking it top in the Quality of Life and Social Purpose sub-categories. Furthermore, Canada’s reputation as a welcoming culture is no mere stereotype. Indeed, the federal government has committed to welcoming 1.23 million new immigrants by 2023!


But just how can you become one of these newcomers to Canada? As a Mexican citizen, your options for entering Canada are as follows.



Under the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) Mexican Nationals who have received a job offer in certain industries may apply for a Canadian Work Permit without their employer having to complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Conducting an LMIA is a time-consuming and expensive process for employers and is no guarantee of success. Thus, Mexican nationals who are eligible for this program, are almost uniquely attractive to potential employers.

Unfortunately, the USMCA pathway is only open to certain professions, and largely speaking trades workers and unskilled labor cannot use it to come to Canada. Additionally, as with most immigration pathways, it is only open to those applicants who already have a job offer. Whilst the exception to the LMIA requirement does make this requirement easier to meet, it is still far from straightforward to find a job in Canada.


Other Routes to PR in Canada for Mexican Nationals

Spousal Sponsorship 

If your spouse or romantic partner is a permanent resident of Canada then you may be able to qualify for permanent residency via a spousal sponsorship. 

Express Entry

As its name suggests, Express Entry is the quickest and most desirable pathway into Canada. This route involves an in-depth examination of such factors as your age, language skills, education level, and professional background, upon which you are granted immediate Permanent Residency. This route does not require any kind of sponsorship from a spouse/relative or employer.

The Provincial Nominee Program/Temporary Foreign Worker Program

These two pathways enable you to come to Canada if you have received a job offer from a suitable Canadian employer. If you have direct and recent experience of working in the trades/construction, agricultural, or healthcare industries please get in touch with us today to discuss employment shortages in Canada.