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Living Separate and Apart

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Whether you’re married or in a marriage-like / common law relationship, it is important to speak with a Family Lawyer early in the process and have a strategy in mind

Resolving Matters

Because relationship breakups are painful and stressfulyou need to work with a Family Lawyer who understands the complexities of separation, is focused on meeting your unique needs, and has the experience to guide you through this difficult process with a sympathetic ear and practical advice 

Our Family Lawyers will ensure that you know your options and your rights as you work towards a satisfactory outcome at the end of your relationship. 

Spouses who have made the decision to end their marriage or marriage-like relationship face the daunting task of dividing assetsfiguring out parenting time and settling support issues. The process of ‘separation’ is complex and frustrating.

Spouses will usually seek independent legal advice from a Family Lawyer and get input from numerous other professionals like accountants and mortgage brokers, as they work towards resolving these critical issues. 


There are several different ways that you and your spouse can
deal with your outstanding issues:

Negotiate with each other
Hire a family mediator to facilitate the negotiation and provide you with a Memorandum of Understanding
Retain a family lawyer to negotiate on your behalf and prepare a Separation Agreement
For high-conflict or contested family law matters, you can apply to the Provincial Court or Supreme Court of BC and ask a Master or Judge to make decisions for you. You can make an application to the court on your own, or with comprehensive legal representation.

Family Mediation

Our Family Lawyers are experienced litigators, so they recognize how expensive and stressful it is for their clients to go to court. They rely on their negotiation skills to keep your case ‘out of court’ and will attend lawyer-assisted family mediation or arbitration with their clients in an effort to save their clients from going to trial.

Parenting Time

The best parenting arrangements are child-centered, predictable, and manageable for everyone. Our Family Lawyers encourage separated parents to reach agreement with respect to their children as early as possible in the process. Co-parents who cannot agree on a parenting plan can apply to the Courts to deal with parenting arrangements.

Child Support

If there Children of the Marriage, parents need to adhere to the Federal Child Support Guidelines and make child support payments in the proper amount. The Court will not grant a divorce until proper child support arrangements are in place.

Spousal Support

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are used to calculate the range for Spousal Support. Our Family Lawyers rely on DivorceMate software to inform clients about the various settlement options including Compensatory Support, Needs-Based Support and Lump Sum Support.

Why Choose Us As Your
Family Lawyer?

As your Family Lawyers, we will ensure that you negotiate from a position of strength to obtain a fair and equitable outcome. If your spouse is not willing to settle, we are ready to put our litigation skills to work for you. 

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