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Whether you’re married or in a marriage-like / common law relationship, it is important to speak with a Family Lawyer early in the process and have a strategy in mind

Mediation or Litigation?

An experienced Family Mediator can make divorce less expensive and less stressful for you, and your children. Through mediation, the spouses maintain equal control and have input every step of the way as they discuss parenting, support, and family finances. Working amicably towards a settlement that is fair and equitable means that the process takes less time, and both spouses are eager to adhere to terms of the agreement.

Unfortunately, if your relationship has become highly adversarial and you have lost the ability to communicate with your partner, mediation is not right for you. If you feel ‘ambushed’ by the end of the relationship and are resentful towards your partner, mediation is not right for you. Still, many family lawyers use negotiation tools and keep your case ‘out of court’. Some family lawyers will attend mediation or arbitration with their clients as an effective way to settle issues without going to trial.

Family Litigation

With The Deer Lake Law Group

Relationships are complicated so whether you’re starting life with a new partner or contemplating the end of your relationship, you need to understand your options and rights. Our Family Lawyers will work with you to ensure that you find a peaceful and comfortable outcome at the end of your relationship.

Living Separate and Apart

Relationship breakups are complicated and stressful so you want to work with a Lawyer who understands the complexities involved in restructuring your life following a separation, and someone with the experience to guide you through the process with practical advice.

Why Choose Us?

As your Family Lawyers, we will ensure that you negotiate from a position of strength to obtain a fair and equitable outcome. But, if your spouse is not willing to settle, we are ready to put our litigation skills to work for you.

By bringing your matter before the Courts quickly, you maintain control over the litigation process. We will represent your position, in the Provincial Court or Supreme Court, in the most effective manner to achieve optimal results.


Getting Divorced

The process of getting divorced starts with an application to the Supreme Court to have a Judge order that the marriage is legally terminated. If all issues are settled, you can proceed with an ‘uncontested’ divorce and it should take no more than 4 months receive the ‘Final Order’, and then request the ‘Certificate of Divorce’.

Taking it to Court

Although negotiation, mediation and alternative dispute resolution is preferable, if when required, your family law issue can be dealt with in any Provincial Court or Supreme Court of British Columbia. We also handle inter-provincial / inter-jurisdictional matters and Hague Convention files.

For high-conflict or contested family law matters, you can apply to the Supreme Court and let a Master or Judge make decisions for you, on issues that cannot be negotiated. In your ‘Notice of Family Claim’, you can ask the Court to help you settle all outstanding matters and grant you a divorce.

Separation 101

Dividing assets can be complex and figuring out Parenting Time can be frustrating, but you don’t need to do it alone. Many couples can negotiate a full and final outcome with an experienced Family Mediator, or with the help of their Lawyer. You do not need to wait for one year of separation to settle important matters. The earlier you can settle matters, the happier you will be.

Don’t waste time, money or resources on unnecessary steps if you can negotiate a settlement that addresses a wide range of issues without going to Court. A Separation Agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding allows each party to know what the future holds and how to structure their new life. We will help you find the ‘good’ in good-bye.

Spousal Support

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines are used to figure out the range for Spousal Support. Our office makes extensive use of Divorcemate software to inform our clients about the various settlement options including Compensatory Support, Needs-Based Support and Lump Sum Support.

Parenting Time
Child Support

The best parenting arrangements are child-centered, predictable, and manageable for everyone. We encourage separated parents to reach agreement with respect to their children as early as possible in the process, however, sometimes it is not possible for separated couples to agree. If you face that challenge, we will advise you as to how the Family Law Act will apply in your circumstances, and if necessary, we will obtain a parenting arrangement through the Courts.

At the end of every relationship with children, parents need to adhere to child support arrangement that is compliant with the Federal Child Support Guidelines. In fact, a divorce cannot be granted until proper child support arrangements are in place.

Pre-Marital /Nuptial
Co-Habitation Agreements

Many couples sign Agreements in contemplation of moving together or getting married. This is a great way to protect any asset that you are bringing into the relationship. Agreements can be effective at avoiding expensive ‘surprises’ if the relationship ends prematurely and Agreements can reduce the conflict if a dispute arises over the division of assets.

It is highly recommended that both parties talk to a Family Law for Independent Legal Advice before signing a Pre-Nuptial or Co-Habitation Agreement.

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