Finding a Sympathetic Divorce Lawyer

Lisa Sirlin, Family Lawyer and Mediator at the Deer Lake Law Group shares her thoughts on divorce:

While no one can walk in the shoes of another person, having personally gone through the journey of divorce — with 3 young children, I possess a heightened sense of empathy that I pass along to my clients.

Separation and divorce are life-altering events; emotional highs and lows are most always unavoidable. It is crucial, at this time, to have faith in the lawyer that you chosen. You must trust your lawyer and let him or her navigate you through these turbulent times.

Every family situation is unique and every party is unique. As a Family Lawyer and Mediator, it is imperative that the path chosen for each client is well thoughtout, having regard to not only for the adults, but the children, too. It is important to evaluate the pros and cons of mediating or negotiating prior to choosing a course of action.

For me, seeing clients work through their differences and reach resolution is extremely rewarding, especially if such resolution can be reached without resorting to the Courts.