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Save Money and Reduce Stress on
Your Immigration Application

Planning to study, work or live in Canada? Many people choose to handle the immigration process on their own. The official government of Canada website provides all the forms and instructions necessary for most immigration matters – Express Entry, Study Visa, Family Class / Spousal Sponsorship, Open Work Permit, Labour Market Impact Assessment and so on. Unfortunately, immigration rules are complex and ever-changing, so it is easy to miss an important aspect of your Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application and be rejected!

Immigration Coaching is ideal for people who want to prepare their own IRCC immigration package but want to receive on-going support from an experienced immigration professional such as an Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Paralegal (RCIC) at certain times along the way. 

As a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ applicant, you save hundreds of dollars on legal fees by working in partnership with Your Immigration Coach, who is available to answer all your questions and review your final submission before you send it to the designated immigration authorities. Immigration Coaching allows you to control your legal expenses and reduce the stress of handling your own immigration application.

Who is my Immigration Coach?

Depending on the scope of work that you request, your dedicated Immigration Coach will be one of our skilled Immigration Lawyers or Immigration Paralegals (RCIC). Your Immigration Coach will make sure that you have a clear understanding of federal or provincial immigration program that you have selected, and they will advise you if there are concerns with your eligibility. They will ensure that you have completed the most recent IMM forms, fulfilled all requirements on the Document Checklist and have prepared a thorough submission.

If you encounter a refused or returned application, your Immigration Coach will suggest steps you can take to resolve any issues that you may have with the Canadian immigration authorities, Service Canada (for LMIA) or Canada Border Services (CBSA). Your Immigration Coach can advise you on ways to appeal a negative decision or apply for an alternative immigration program.

‘Do-It-Yourself’ applicants decide what services and support they require from their Immigration Coach and set their budget for professional fees. Some services provided by the Immigration Coach are offered at a fixed-rate, but others are billed hourly at $225 – $350 per hour.

Working with your Immigration Coach

Your Immigration Coach will provide you with advice every step of the way and is available to provide you as much support as you need. Your Immigration Coach can review IRCC forms, review supporting documentation, draft or review any correspondence to IRCC or other appropriate government office, provide caselaw to attach with your application package, and answer all your questions along the way.

You can consult your Immigration Coach in-person, by telephone (WhatsApp), over email, or by videoconference (Facetime, Skype, Zoom, MS Teams) at a time that is mutually convenient and cost-effective.

Immigration Coaching Fees

Meeting your Immigration Coach

Your first consultation with an Immigration Coach will be billed $150CAD plus tax. At this initial meeting, your Immigration Coach will answer questions specific to your situation, discuss eligibility concerns, and provide you with options for your immigration pathway.

No Guaranteed Results

Your Immigration Coach will work with utmost care and attention in providing you the services which you have requested. Every effort is made to avoid rejected application, none the less, clients acknowledge and accept that working with an Immigration Coach, Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Paralegal (RCIC) does not ensure that their initial application will be successful.

Occasionally, IRCC Agents and Migration Officers process applications erroneously.  At times, factors beyond anyone’s control can delay processing times for immigration documents. Clients acknowledge and accept that final decision-making power lies solely with the IRCC officer or other government authority, and no immigration professional can provide a guarantee of success.

Use of Representative

Your Immigration Coach will not ask you to sign a Use of Representative form. Clients who retain the services of an Immigration Coach are responsible for submitting their applications to the appropriate IRCC processing center or embassy – either by hardcopy or electronic upload to the IRCC portal.

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