In case I decide to separate…

“I’m just looking for more information…in case I decide that I do want to separate…” is the start of many family law consultations.

Deciding to leave a relationship is a conclusion that is often years in the making but the final move towards endgame requires strategy, and an understanding of the laws that govern parenting, support and asset division. In British Columbia, separation and divorce are governed by the Family Law Act, and the Divorce Act of Canada.

Here are some signs thinking about divorcethat your spouse has sought legal advice and is planning their exit:

1. Terms like ‘equalization payment’ and ‘spousal support’ enter into your conversations

2. Financial gifts and inheritances from your in-laws are reframed as ‘loans’

3. Large sums of cash are withdrawn from the joint account with no explanation

4. Money is borrowed from the line of credit for questionable reasons

5. Attempts to sell assets, like the house that you brought into the relationship

Before any major decision, you should educate yourself as best you can so that you can make the best choice for yourself. That’s why many family lawyers offer free initial consultations. To book a free consultation with us, please call 604 430 2345.