Marital Status when You Move from Another Country to BC

Clients sometimes ask if their marriage, performed overseas, is considered a valid marriage in Canada (and in BC).

Generally, if your marriage is legal and valid in the country in which you were married, then your marriage is recognized by BC.

If the relationship has broken down, even though the marriage occurred overseas, a divorce in Canada (and BC) would be required to terminate the marriage.

There are certain requirements before parties can apply for divorce. The process of divorce in BC involves the completion of Supreme Court forms, and filing them in a BC court. If this process is too time-consuming and complicated to your liking, you can also find a Family Lawyer to do all the work for you.

Getting legal advice from a Family Lawyer before you start your divorce is a good idea, because it may potentially save you more future expenses down the road. Your lawyer will not only inform you about your rights and responsibilities and the laws relevant to your case but also help you go through the divorce process, which could be the most vulnerable and stressful time of your life.