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Sexual Assault

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Claims for Sexual Abuse and Assault

We help survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault seek justice and get compensation for the physical and emotional abuse that they suffered, and may continue to endure, as a result of a traumatizing assault.

Our clients are men and women who are ready to make a Civil Claim and receive restitution from the individual perpetrator (or the perpetrator’s estate), the institution or organization that permitted the abuse. A Civil Claim can result in financial reparations to compensate for the loss of income, injuries, and treatment to help survivors move forward and become future-focused.

There is no limitation period to “a claim relating to sexual assault, whether or not the claimant’s right to bring the court proceeding was at any time governed by a limitation period”, according to section 3(1)(j) of the BC Limitation Act. Abusers need to be brought to justice and held accountable, no matter how long ago the victimization occurred.

Confidential with Compassion 

We understand that asking victims to share their stories can be very difficult. All information discussed with our professional team is kept confidential and disclosed, as required, in order to bring a lawsuit against the abuser. Our lawyers are compassionate and patient; they respect the bravery it takes to “break the silence”.

Free Consultation and Contingency

If you are a survivor, we want to offer you a free initial consultation to speak with one of our lawyers. You can let us know if you prefer to meet with a female or male member of our team, and we will accommodate your request.

At the meeting, the lawyer will let you know about your legal options, and they will let you know if your situation is suitable for ‘contingency’ or ‘success-based’ billing. This means that you don’t pay any fees until your claim is resolved positively. 

What is Sexual Violence? 

Sexual violence occurs when there is non-consensual sexual contact, which includes sexual assault and sexual harassment. Sexual assault means an unwanted sexual activity of a physical nature, which may be referred to as sexual battery, unlawful sexual contact and sexual abuse. Generally, sexual harassment is used to describe unwanted jokes, threats, and comments of a sexual nature, made in person or online.

Commonly, victims know their abuser, and the abuser is in a position of authority over the victimized person. Still, as dating apps become increasingly popular, there is a growing number of cases of sexual violence, and specifically sexual assault/rape between strangers who met online and have no prior relationship.

Without limitation periods, victims who suffered abuse as a child (under the age of 19 years old) can file a Civil Claim as an adult. This is termed Historical Sexual Abuse or Historical Sexual Assault or Non-Recent Abuse.

This scenario often involves an adolescent or adult abusing a child who is too young to understand what is happening to them, and that they are being victimized. Perhaps, as a child, they were too scared or embarrassed to tell anyone, but even into adulthood, they continue to experience anxiety, depression, anger, and other psychological damage as a result of the torment.

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