Before Starting a Business – get Organized


創業是令人興奮的,但重要的是在您開始之前把自己組織得井井有條!製定全面的商業計劃和建 立最佳的法律框架是兩個重要的步驟。 商業計劃可幫助您建立明確的目標和戰略。 商業計劃書應包括有關您的目標市場、您的競爭者、 您的營銷和銷售策略以及您的財務預測的信息。 完善的商業計劃可以幫助您獲得資金、吸引客戶 ,並隨著您的業務發展保持正軌。 您需要最早做的決定之一是哪種法律結構最適合您的企業。 在卑詩省,您可以選擇作為獨資經營 者、合夥企業、公司或專業公司經營。 每個選項都有優點和缺點,因此在做出選擇之前與律師交 談是明智的。 律師將解釋哪種法律結構可以為您提供最大程度的個人責任保護和收入保護。


Starting a business is exciting, but it’s important to get yourself well-organized before you leap! Two important steps are creating a comprehensive Business Plan and establishing the optimal legal framework.
A Business Plan helps you establish clear goals and strategies. Business Plan should include information about your target market, your competition, your marketing and sales strategies, and your financial projections. A well-developed Business Plan can help you secure funding, attract customers, and stay on track as your business grows.
One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what Legal Structure is most appropriate for your enterprise. In British Columbia, you can choose between operating as a Sole Proprietor, a Partnership, a
Corporation or Professional Corporation. There are advantages and disadvantages attached to each option so it’s prudent to speak with a lawyer before making your choice. The lawyer will explain which
legal structure offers you the most protection from personal liability and income shielding.