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Whether you’re married or in a marriage-like / common law relationship, it is important to speak with a Family Lawyer early in the process and have a strategy in mind

Getting Divorced

If you and your spouse have no unresolved issues, you can apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia for a Judge to legally terminate your marriage with a Divorce Order.  This is a simple process with just a few steps. Generally, a Final Order for Divorce can be obtained in 3-4 months.

You and your spouse can apply for a divorce jointly (Notice of Joint Family Claim) but if you are not 100% certain that your spouse will cooperate with you, then the sole claim (Notice of Family Claim) is recommended. With a sole claim, you are the Applicant and you maintain control over the divorce process and do not need to rely on your spouse, the Respondent, to sign any court forms.


To start the divorce process, you need your original Certificate of Marriage and you must meet the residency requirements so that the Supreme Court of BC can take jurisdiction over your legal proceeding.

After The Divorce

After the Final Order for Divorce is granted, and 31 days have passed, you can request the ‘Certificate of Divorce’.

Living Separate and Apart

Relationship breakups are complicated and stressful so you want to work with a Lawyer who understands the complexities involved in restructuring your life following a separation, and someone with the experience to guide you through the process with practical advice.

Our Family Lawyers deal with Uncontested Divorces at a fixed-fee*:

Why Choose Us As Your
Family Lawyer?

As your Family Lawyers, we will ensure that you negotiate from a position of strength to obtain a fair and equitable outcome. But, if your spouse is not willing to settle, we are ready to put our litigation skills to work for you.

By bringing your matter before the Courts quickly, you maintain control over the litigation process. We will represent your position, in the Provincial Court or Supreme Court, in the most effective manner to achieve optimal results.

Deer Lake Law Group, Burnaby Law Firm & Law Office Family Lawyers. We Want to make your Legal Matter less stressful for you! We are committed to helping you understand the legal processes in BC. A Deer Lake Law Group Burnaby Lawyer can answer general questions about the Canadian Legal Process. As a full-service Law Office Located near Deer Lake and Metrotown, we can help you with Family Law, Separation, Marriage agreements, Separation Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements, Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Common-law Agreements, Spousal Support, Prenuptial Agreement, Settlement Agreements, Litigation and Family Mediation Law Services

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